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Thoughts and Prayers
Influenced by freak show banners, wanted posters and paste ups, Thoughts and prayers is an ongoing project that confronts the fetishized gun culture and violence associated with the inundation of  firearms within American society. Not only are the perpetrators of gun violence represented, but so too are the elected officials who continue to perpetuate the second amendment myth and accept donations from the gun lobby while having nothing to offer but Thoughts and Prayers to the families of victims.

All the Terrible Things

All the Terrible Things explores the dynamics of the ritualistic and abusive relationship visited upon the son, by the father. The false narrative of violence, verbal abuse, the wielding of fear, and anger as symbolic of masculinity, is depicted as if through the eyes of a child. Each cube serves as an artistic laboratory and memory box containing found objects and text camouflaged by a disruptive design of overwhelming linework and mark-making. Each piece and its associated text is from a direct recollection of the artist during his own upbringing.

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